Statutory responsibilities under the Ombud Act

The pdfOmbud Act provides the authority to investigate complaints of an administrative nature. In accordance with the Act, all investigations are carried out in a confidential manner, and information is only divulged where necessary in furtherance of the investigation. Accordingly, all files of the Office of the Ombud are confidential

The Office of the Ombud investigates complaints against provincial government departments, school districts, District Education Councils, Regional Health Authorities, municipalities, Crown agencies, and other agencies responsible to the Province, including a number of commissions and boards as defined under the Ombud Act.

  • The Office of the Ombud and their staff does not have authority to investigate complaints concerning:
  • Federal government
  • Matters which are of a criminal nature
  • Private companies and individuals
  • Judges and functions of any court
  • Deliberations and proceedings of the Executive Council or any committee thereof.